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About Kelly'z​​​​​ Kreations

 I was in need of Sweets/Treats for my daughters 1st birthday party. I decided to make the treats myself with love. I received huge compliments on the treats and presentation. I began doing small dessert tables for friends and family. Always upgrading, improving and perfecting my Kreations, I decided to start "Kelly'z Kreations". Kelly'z Kreations is a way for me to do what I love and create spectacular tables & treats for everyone. Kelly'z Kreations can help with your dessert table needs from elaborate to simple parties. Kelly'z Kreations customers will all receive 100% professional custom tables with delicious treats. Kelly'z Kreations will make sure that you are satisfied and astonished with your table or treats. Every table and treat that Kelly'z Kreations does is uniquely tailored to your choice of theme and colors. Kelly'z Kreations will bring your vision to life and will be displayed beautifully with your sweet,treat or dessert table choice. I am passionate about Kelly'z Kreations and will always aim to create that one of a kind look that symbolizes Kelly'z Kreations. Kelly'z Kreations thanks you for taking the time to inquire about us.


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